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Thursday, 7 February 2013

At Home Jobs - CrowdFlower

About CrowdFlower

     CrowdFlower is that the leader in enterprise crowdsourcing. The company’s technology platform offers quality-ensured business method crowdsourcing at large scale. The company solves issues starting from product categorization to business lead verification to content creation. Clients including ATT, eBay, Microsoft and Twitter enjoy increased flexibility, turnaround, and price savings for his or her info and knowledge desires.
Crowdsourcing Review

     Crowdsourcing is that the method of outsourcing tasks that were traditionally performed by worker or contractor. An open decision goes out to an indefinable, large group of people (crowd) by use of the web. Businesses are able to tap into the collective intelligence of the general public at large as tasks are outsourced to the crowd instead of being completed in house. Current technology permits businesses the potential to recruit bigger numbers of people to perform simple, advanced and creative tasks at a considerably reduced value, minimizing analysis and labor expenses.

     Using Crowdsourcing, you'll submit employment description and acquire multiple bids each already satisfying the specifications you want. Since you get multiple people making an attempt to form what you wish, the results are probably various and might be surprisingly creative. Of course, this can be typically more expensive than simply using regular outsourcing sites like oDesk or Elance - however the disadvantage of these is that no matter however good your contractor, you're ’stuck’ with a single design.

CrowdFlower Review

     Although CrowdFlower could be a relatively new player within the crowd-sourcing industry, it's attained quite a reputation for tapping a vast overall workforce for playing repetitive yet troublesome to automatise tasks around the clock.

     Its Labor-on-Demand solutions provide elastic and cost-conscious labor that gives companies with instant, high-quality work. In 2007, Chris Van Pelt and Lukas Biewald founded ‘Dolores Lab’, that is currently called CrowdFlower. Its headquarters is found at the centre of Mission District in San Francisco.

     CrowdFlower has varied labor channels harnessing a 24x7 hands spanning over 70 nations, multiple languages, accessing half-a-million freelancers to produce near-real time response to a broad vary of tasks.

For Freelance Workers

     CrowdFlower could be a creative enterprise at the vanguard of this rising field of crowd-sourcing. It provides a platform to use your abilities and earn according. Moreover, the work is therefore distributed that the work-pressure is usually minimal. Assignments are assigned supported the individual’s field of interest, and therefore the only factor that matters is your ingenuity and efficiency.

For Buyers of Outsourced Services

     CrowdFlower offers bespoke solutions for all large-scale projects. They'll skilfully design jobs, run them, control the standard of results, and might offer facilitate for technical integration. They need recently incorporated some new options like geotargeting, internationalization, pic uploading, new labor channels, form logic, customer support, and increased validation. It boasts of a comprehensive analytics providing an insight into the question quality and the workforce, thereby delivering trustworthy results.

Our Verdict

     Having detected CrowdFlower for a few time currently, we tend to all its clients are as happy with its performance as we tend to are. If crowd-sourcing is what you wish, CrowdFlower could be a smart bet.

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